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The Forest City tree dump and compost pile site, located off Quail Ave, a gravel road off 335th Street, is about to get some security cameras to ward off people bringing their trees, brush and stumps from out of the city limits to the site.

According to Forest City Street and Sanitation superintendent Mike O'Rourke, improper dumping is taking place at the city's compost pile and tree dump.

At the June 3 county meeting, he presented the issue of a need for security at the tree dump and compost pile, which is a place for people from within the city limits to dump their trees and brush from within the city limits.

However, according to O'Rourke, there have been some people from outside the city coming to dump their trees and brush.

“Several times we’ve found people coming out from Leland or Garner or just out in the country or outside the city limits or whatever the case may be,” O’Rourke said. “It’s an expensive piece of property to maintain, it’s extremely labor-intensive, and it’s not going to get any easier.”

O’Rourke said they will try to “put some teeth into it” and enforce their laws.

“I will want to get [Chief of Police] Tom [Montgomery] involved in this, if you guys decide to go with this, see what he would need to make it legal to pursue them…,” O’Rourke said.

The City hopes to stop this by installing security cameras and a booth at the area.

The council looked at two quotes for installing security cameras at the site: one from River City Communications, Inc. and the other from the Iowa Surveillance Team.

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The River City Communications quote included an eight-port network video recorder with power over Ethernet, three 4-megapixel outdoor bullet cameras with infrared and all cable and hardware for a total of $3,364. This quote can be withdrawn if not accepted by June 27.

The Iowa Surveillance Team quote includes two 4-megapixel day and night 1080-resolution zoom lens bullet cameras, a four channel network video recorder with 2 TB of storage and all the necessary cable and hardware for $1,839.99, including installation, programming and travel charges. If the City decides to add an LG security-grade 19-inch monitor, a digital video recording lockbox and a batter backup, that will add $454.98 for a grand total of $2,294.97. This quote expires June 29.

O’Rourke also mentioned a quote he recently got for a little more than $10,000 security system, which he said he thinks is overkill.

O’Rourke said he also wanted to install a booth that had a book for people to sign in their names, what they’re bringing in and where it came from. To do this, he’ll install a stop sign at a clear entryway so people don’t run into each other and have them get out to sign the papers.

Furthermore, councilmembers wanted to be able to catch people’s license plate numbers on camera so they can immediately pin who brought what to the dump site.

Councilmember Ron Holland wanted to approve the River City quote, but the rest of the council wanted to wait to re-evaluate the quotes and make sure they will get what they want, which is three, possibly four, cameras that can see day and night with high enough resolution to capture license plate numbers at a reasonable price.

Another factor is the bandwidth to get the recording video stream to the video recorder.

“Let’s take a little time to get it right rather than just get it done,” Councilmember Karl Wooldridge said.

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