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Mock trial

English 3 students at Forest City High School recently participated in a mock trial based on "The Crucible." Members of the jury were seated in the high school auditorium and watched the trial, which was conducted on stage. 

FOREST CITY | Students in English 3 classes at Forest City High School recently took a fresh look at a classic play while learning how the trial process works. 

Each class held a mock trial based on Arthur Miller's "The Crucible," which is about the Salem witch trials. 

Students took the roles of prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses, jury members and the judge. 

Their job was to determine whether or not Abigail Williams, the ringleader of the girls in Salem who accused others in the village of witchcraft, was guilty of the murder of the 19 innocent people who were put to death. 

The mock trial coach was Mandi Wright, a Waldorf University student who is an intern in Scott Bertelsen's classes. 

The defense was instructed to present evidence during the trial of Abigail's traumatic childhood and the possibility that she might have been experiencing hallucinations that led her to accuse others of witchcraft. 

Wright said the classes didn't all reach the same verdict. 

"It's good for the them (the students) to look at both sides of an argument," she said. "That's what mock trial is all about." 

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