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FOREST CITY | Forest City High School students recently told Christmas stories and jokes to residents at the Good Samaritan Society. 

"This is our annual Christmas community service," said English 3 teacher Scott Bertelsen. 

It's also a way for the students to practice their public speaking skills, he said. 

One of the students, Anna Lehmann, who enjoys improvisational speech, said she did one for the residents that had "a Christmas twist." 

"I just love bringing smiles to people," she said.  

Astrid Bergman, an exchange student from Sweden, told the residents the story of St. Lucia, whose feast day is celebrated on Dec. 13 in her home country. 

She said Lucia had a strong belief in God "and by that faith she got a lot back." 

People in her town believed she was a witch and tried by burn her at the stake, but "God protected her," Bergman said. 

On St. Lucia Day, Swedish girls dress as her and everyone eats treats and enjoys spending time with their families, she said. 

Other students told holiday-themed jokes such as, "Why is Santa good at karate? Because he has a black belt." 

The teens also sang "Jingle Bells" to the residents. 

English 3 student Crisia Doroteo said she enjoyed the opportunity to "spread some Christmas joy." 

"I liked that I would see some of them (the residents) smile," added classmate Marissa Lacy. 

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