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Where does the Christmas spirit come from?

Does it come from purchasing gifts for friends and family? But, why are these gifts purchased just at Christmas?

Does it come from the desire to help those in need during the holiday season? But, why not offer this compassion through the entire year?

Is it not possible people are in need the whole year long? Or if the gifts are being purchased out of love for the receiver, is it not possible to show this love the whole year through and not to the excess that we see during the holiday season?

I guess that all sounds a little cynical or sour, but I believe the “spirit” that we look to share during the days leading up to Christmas Day is a spirit that needs to be shared all year long.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe we do a great job of showing the Christmas spirit.

However, one of my wishes for the coming year would be for each of us to decide we want to carry this spirit with us each and every day we come into contact with someone.

Can we truly carry the spirit of Christmas with us that long?

Let’s give it a try!

The following column is from one of our newspapers dated, Dec. 25, 1924.  I believe it’s worth a reprint.

“The Christmas spirit is just what we make it. If, it is a time of cheer and happiness it is so because we make it so. We bestow gifts upon those who are dear to us because of blood ties or ties of friendship. In this way we contribute to the happiness of those we love.

“The Christmas spirit is evidenced by more than more thoughts. It is expressed in deeds. There is scarcely a community in which there is not organized efforts to assist those who are in need and it adds much to the spirit of the season and the day when we remember some who are unfortunate.

“This is in accordance with the teaching of Him for whom the day was named.

“The kindly greeting is expressed to all whom we meet and the kindly act brings happiness to us. The joy of giving is indeed equal to the joy of receiving. It is a great thing to have friends and it is a joy to remember them with a gift or greeting at Christmas time.

“It is not the cost of the gift received or given that brings the greatest happiness, but the impulse that prompts it giving.

“How much do we of this country appreciate how well off we are? We magnify the trivial things until we make “mountains out of mole hills.” The securities and liberties of American citizenship should not be forgotten nor go unappreciated.

“We should compare our condition with the people of other countries and thank Him who is the giver of all good things for what we enjoy and what we possess.

“The spirit of the old-fashioned Christmas is still with us. Conditions are different, old things are done away with for the more modern observances, but the tender emotions of the heart are the same as of old.

“In the true Christmas spirit, we wish to extend the season’s most cordial greeting to all the members of the News family – our readers and our advertisers.

“It is not a mere matter of form when we say we appreciate your friendship and your patronage and it is not a mere matter of form when we say we wish you the greatest degree of happiness and prosperity the coming year you have ever experienced – it is our sincere wish.

“May yours be a truly “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

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