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Kudos to the football team for their extended success this year. Looking at the final results from the dome it seems the finals game took place between WH and Hudson and if the ball would have bounced our way a couple more times in the game, I truly believe we would be state champs. The coaches, players and the community should be very proud. We are looking forward to a great season next year with a strong and large nucleus returning.

We are also so very proud of Chrysta Bruns and Grace Rosin for earning all-state honors in band. As I write this article they are preparing for their performance. Mrs. Rosin, the band members and the community are proud of you.

Don’t forget to contact your legislators and remind them how important money is to continue to provide programs such as the ones mentioned above. The legislative session will begin soon and they need to hear from you. They have been very light on their support for school recently. When you talk to them they will tell you that they are spending more money than ever before on education.

That is true, but they are still not keeping up with the rest of the country. They forget to tell you that part. They also don’t tell you that when they have given money recently it tends to be money that has to be spent in areas that are not necessarily where we need it.

Make a call to Senator Guth or Representative Baxter and let them know you want your public school supported. Giving breaks to big industry through tax cuts and allowing for more school choice does not help your children at the public school. Public money should be used for public education. If the state invests more tax dollars into education it will help your property taxes go down.

Using state funds is a more fair system. It takes money from all tax payers to fund education not just the local property owners. Also make sure you tell them to extend the SAVE funding stream so we can continue to make improvements to our facilities. This fund and the PPEL are the only two funds we have to make major improvements.

Lastly you need to be aware there will be new state test for students this spring. It will have a totally different look (multiple choice but highlighting text, writing and essay) to it and will most likely be more difficult for students. The final reports we provide to you will also look different. The tests are not timed, only for math, reading, and science. They will be aligned to the grade level standards and the test will be done online. We have already tested our technology infrastructure and student automation. Soon we will have access to practice questions so we can prepare the staff and students to administer and the take the tests.

Thank you for your continued support of our school.

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