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Another year has arrived.

It’s hard to believe Christmas has come and gone. It seems once you hit Dec. 1, time moves at warp speed.

It's nice when we can have a white Christmas. Snow always makes Christmas an extra-special time of year.

However, the holiday season isn’t really about snow. It’s much more.

Many have our county residents enjoyed time with their church families.

To me, that’s what the holiday is all about – however, for some, it’s just another day.

Did you take the time to make the holiday a little brighter for that person?

It’s never too late to offer a word of encouragement or a simple act of kindness. Those are gifts we can give all year long.

As we begin a new year and begin to think about the proverbial “resolutions” maybe we can start to consider making a few more profound ones.

How about deciding to make a difference in the lives of one of your co-workers, a family member, a friend or even someone you don’t know?

If you do, you will experience the warm feeling inside you get when you know deep down you did the right thing.

Making each day a “new year’s day” could be fun!


Todaty is another holiday we can celebrate – “First Foot” Day.

The custom of firstfooting or being the first person to cross the threshold of a home in the early hours of New Year’s Day was first popular in England and Scotland during the 19th Century.

If the “first foot,” traditionally a man, was to bring the family luck, he had to arrive with his arms full of cakes, breads and cheese for everyone to share. He should be dark-haired, not fair, and must not have flat feet.

The custom is still observed in Britain and in scattered areas of the United States.

How about firstfooting at a neighbor or loved-ones house? Know someone who needs more than luck in their life right now?

After we’ve all made our resolutions on Jan. 1, we then need to celebrate another holiday on Jan. 2 – National Personal Trainer Awareness Day.

No matter what the resolutions are to do or not do, we may find them difficult or even impossible to actually achieve.

Two personal trainers developed the holiday to make the general public more aware of personal trainers at the time of the year when having a professional relationship with a trainer could play a crucial role in helping a person to actually achieve their fitness and health goals.

I would take it a step further – a personal trainer doesn’t have to be a professional. You can actually be a personal trainer to a friend who needs that extra encouragement. In the process of helping them, you will discover they are helping you as well.

Face it, regular exercise or anything else that is good for us, that we don’t do, is easier to accomplish when we have a partner.

The real resolution is to develop another friendship – make a difference in someone else’s life no matter their situation and you will have a great new year.

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