This week we celebrate American Education Week

I’m certain while growing up, each of us had at least one elementary, middle and/or high school teacher who made a difference in our lives.

Did you tell them? Is it too late? If not, send them a note, an email message or even a Facebook message and tell them how much you appreciate what they did for you in school.

It will make their day.

I found my high school English teacher on Facebook. I had her in school for junior and college English over 30 years ago. I couldn’t believe it. To be honest, I thought she was old back then, so, I was quite surprised I was able to find her.

And yes, I did tell her how much I appreciated her strict classroom rules – no borrowing paper or pencil from your neighbor. She taught us more than English. It was more like a college fine arts class. It was a good basis for my college liberal arts education.

Thanks to Mrs. Estelene Bodenhamer.

Last week, I forgot to mention a holiday we need to celebrate. It can actually be celebrated any day of the year – “Loosen Up, Lighten Up” Day.

The day is also referred to as Lulu Day – a day to remember to cherish what is important and to not get worked up about the rest.

Celebrate the day by taking some time for personal or family enjoyment.

Give yourself a chance to gain a little perspective on all those other things than can, at times, seem more important than what they really are.

As we head into the holiday seasons, this is a day we need to put into practice several times throughout the next few weeks.

Remember, others you come in contact with may be feeling just as stressed as you, maybe even more. 

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