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We have to admit people do a great job of not exhibiting common sense. We see it in our culture all the time. We stop and shake our heads and say, “What were they thinking?”

It doesn’t matter how smart you consider yourself, we all seem to run into this problem.

Are we willing to admit or recognize there are times we have lacked some common sense in a decision we made, in our behavior or in what we said to someone? It’s a hard thing to admit to ourselves that we have exhibited this trait.

Sunday, Nov. 4, known as Common Sense Day, celebrates the chance to get that common sense back or maybe keep hold of it a little longer. It will just take some time to retrain our brains and maintain a better way of thinking.

The problem is we are trained to think one way (by our workplace, family, culture, etc.). We can become sloppy or run on “auto-pilot” in our thinking. By doing this, we allow that training to take the place of common sense.

Common sense isn’t a one-stop-destination; it’s a way of thinking that needs constant nourishing and application.

The following are a few suggestions on how we can get that common sense back or maintain it.

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Ask people why they presume something to be so.

Manipulative and controlling strategies do not equate to common sense.

Listen to the world and people around you before speaking—particularly if you have something to say that might be considered judgmental. If you can’t add something meaningful, don’t say anything.

Common sense dictates that all important agreements, such as financial and marriage agreements, be in writing.

Avoid speaking or writing about the unimportant things that primarily make up our daily lives and only weigh in on those things that are of genuine import.

Learn all you can of any parts of the universe that interest you before you die.

Popularity does not equate to common sense.

Common sense is learned through experience.

These tips seem to make a lot of sense. Dare I say, they read like common sense approaches to our life and to those around us?

In celebration of this holiday, I believe it would be great if we each determined which, if any, of these we are good at right now, celebrate the achievement and determine how we are going to keep at them.

Now, determine which one(s) you need to work on. Develop a plan and move forward.

Another thought.

How good are we at exhibiting or teaching these ideals to our children? Do we stop and think our kids are lacking some common sense? Let’s celebrate the day with them. Stop and learn together.

Maybe if we just started practicing a few of these, we would suddenly have an outbreak of common sense. What a thought. What a world it would or could be.

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