Emma Faust

Emma Faust will be attending a medical conference, this summer, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Emma Faust never seriously considered what she wanted to be when she grew up – until a letter opened up a whole realm of possibilities.

Faust, of Kanawha, is a freshman at West Hancock High School.

“I came home from a friend’s house and mom handed me a letter,” Faust said. The letter stated she had been nominated through her academic recognition, leadership potential and the desire to contribute to the profession of medicine as a physician or medical scientist to attend a Congress being held in Boston, Massachusetts June 23-25.

At the medical conference, Faust will come face-to-face with winners of the Nobel Prize, award-winning young inventors and scientists, prominent medical school deans, leaders in medicine and medical futurists.

“I didn't know this existed,” Faust said, still sounding a little overwhelmed. Faust said since she received the letter, “I've been thinking about things I can do, maybe in biology or a surgeon. I'm not exactly sure. I started thinking about possible career goals.”

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Faust said in eighth grade students not only fill out their ninth grade course plan, but have to turn in a four-year plan as well. If she really likes what she sees this summer her course schedule will change.

She has purposely left herself open to possibilities. “It was easier going into high school that way,” Faust said. “Try everything you can. Not just in academics, but socially. I've been talking more to people and trying not to be so nervous.”

Until now, Faust, a band member and dancer, said, “I leaned for more creative things. I like art a lot, but I also like documentaries and programs on science. They're interesting to me.”

“I didn't know what I was going to do at all. But if something clicked I would go with that,” Faust said. “I'm kinda nervous, I'll be going alone, but excited also. This is a big opportunity. I just never expected it.”

Her mother, Alexa Aleman, set up a Go Fund Me Facebook page to help raise the approximately $2,500 needed for tuition, room and board and travel expenses.

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