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Senor Wooly

BRITT | The West Hancock High School Spanish students participated in Wooly Week during the first full week of February, during which the students completed numerous activities given out by the Señor Wooly website.

Señor Wooly is a website-based Spanish curriculum made by Jim Wooldridge, who was a Spanish teacher in Evanston, Illinois. Wooldridge wanted to find something for high schoolers that taught them Spanish without treating them like preschoolers or adults.

“Most existing materials treated students as though they were in kindergarten, or took the opposite approach and treated them like humorless adults,” the website says. “While Wooldridge’s students were beginners, they weren’t babies, and didn’t want simplistic, babyish stuff. They were drawn in, like tweens and teens are, to funny, creative, and absurd stories with unexpected twists.”

WHHS Spanish teacher Elizabeth Gretillat said it’s a lot of new things for the kids as well as professional development for the teachers about different ways to deliver and practice content.

During Wooly Week, Señor Wooly releases a plethora of content, from games to new music videos to new stories and activities, and classes can pick which activities they can do.

Some of Gretillat’s students’ favorite activities included Pass It Up, in which two teams raced to match a picture to a Spanish sentence, I Spy and an activity in which Señor Wooly put out pictures about a new song coming out and classes had to put together a story with the pictures. Some of their favorite songs were “Guapo,” “¿Puedo ir al baño?” and “¡Es una ganga!”

Gretillat said most of the kids enjoy the activities and music videos, making a positive impact on her students and their learning.

“It’s kind of fun to hear them debate which song is better because some of them will love a song and some of them will just hate them,” she said. “It’s kind of fun to see who likes which songs.”

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