On Thursday, Aug. 8, more than 50 people came to Britt's City Park to watch little girls, dressed in their best gowns and shoes, hoping to be crowned Little Miss Britt 2019. 

Uzziel Krumwiede was ultimately crowned the 2019 Little Miss Britt. Runner-up was Chloe Grimm and Ella Keiper was voted Miss Congeniality.

The pageant had 12 contestants between ages of 6 and 8.

They were:

* Uzziel Krumwiede, 8, daughter of Amanda and Courtney Krumwiede

* Cadence Cruise, 8, daughter of Steve and Andrea Cruise

* Millie Gretillat, 8, daughter of Tony and Beth Gretillat

* Ella Francis, 7, daughter of Rae and Josh Francis

* Violet Flores, 6, daughter of Jorge Flores and Kelly Eekhoff

* Haven Merriam, 8, daughter of Jaime and JT Merriam

* Lily Bourg, 7, daughter of Jennifer Vaske and Joey Bourg

* Zayda Brown, 7, daughter of Jake and Mary Brown

* Chloe Grimm, 6, daughter of Katie and Trevor Grimm

* Aubree White, 6, daughter of RJ and Dani White

* Ella Keiper, 7, daughter of Jayson and Sarah Keiper

* Avery Hinders, 7, daughter of Ann and Wade Hinders

Val Quayle, pageant emcee, asked each girl questions about their pets, about their favorite part of Britt, their hobbies and what would be the best part of being Little Miss Britt, with most saying being in the parade.

Quayle then had each contestant show the audience their best princess wave.

While the judges deliberated, Quayle talked to last year’s Little Miss Britt, Ava Horstman, about what she enjoyed most from being Little Miss Britt. She said it was the parade.

The event was sponsored by Gifts Sew Sweet Print Shop.

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