The Hancock County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution assigning a speed limit of 25 mph on 285th Street (county road B20) by Hayfield, a residential area.

The new speed limit signs will be placed about 75 feet east of the intersection of 285th Street and Oak Avenue (county road R44), and then running along Oak Avenue for about 1,700 feet to the east, according to the resolution.

Hancock County Engineer Adam Clemons said he noticed there was no speed limit established coming into Hayfield from the east on 285th Street, though Hayfield is a residential area.

“It really needs to be a little more controlled through there instead of going 55 mph,” Clemons said.

Supervisor Gary Rayhons said though people have to slow down for the stop sign at Oak Avenue, there are some people, who are new to the area, don’t know the sign is there and don’t stop.

“The stop ahead sign is pretty much less than a block away from the stop sign, and you get people that aren’t used to that road, they’ll blow right through that intersection,” he said.

Additionally, since it’s in an area with a grain elevator and lots of turning truck traffic, Clemons said it should be a lot safer.

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So far, though, Clemons said there haven’t been any accidents.

Currently, there’s already a 25 mph speed limit for the westbound traffic just after the Oak Avenue intersection on 285th Street.

Clemons said the engineer's department is also reviewing a speed limit on State Highway 18 east of Garner and having the Iowa Department of Transportation look at that area as a speed study.

“Obviously there’s been some development out there, there’s a couple houses on the north side there,” he said.

The speed limit is currently 25 mph at the top of the hill and Clemons said his department looked at it. He said he thinks a 35 mph zone should be put in at some point, either just east of or at the substation.

“So as you’re coming to the bottom of the hill, go over that culvert or bridge, come to the substation, drop down to 35 mph, go up the hill at 35 mph, be prepared to hit 25 mph,” he said.

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