A new or replaced sidewalk is now going to be partially paid by the homeowner.

The Britt City Council approved a resolution regarding sidewalk repair and the city’s reimbursement of expenses, at their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

The updated resolution states only 50 percent of expenses for concrete, grout and it’s delivery within a 30-mile radius would be reimbursed to the homeowner.

Prior to this update, the city had been responsible for 100 percent.

For a new sidewalk reimbursement will not exceed $4,500 or up to $750, for lots with over 175 feet of sidewalk to construct, replace or repair.

The updated resolution also states the city will require residents to follow a two-step process to be able to access reimbursement.

The first step involves an initial work approval submitted at least 15 days before starting a project.

The second step states a bill must be submitted no more than 15 days after work is completed.

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Jesusa Christians is the Community Editor of the Forest City/Britt Summit-Tribune.


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