BRITT | A Britt man has been asked to remove his dog from city limits.

The Britt City Council upheld its vicious dog designation of Adam Kline’s 3-year-old female yellow lab, Mya, Monday, April 1, during a special council meeting.

“As much as I don’t want anybody to have to get rid of their dog, I also don’t want your dog to hurt somebody,” Councilman Curt Gast said.

Kline, along with three others, attended the meeting to appeal the city’s vicious dog designation and advocate for the character and behavior of Mya.

According to Britt’s ordinance, a dog is deemed vicious when it’s caught “worrying, chasing, maiming or killing a domestic animal or fowl” or when it has attacked or bitten any person without provocation. Vicious animals are prohibited in the city.

Police Chief Mark Anderson said in a report provided to the council a female with two dogs reported being attacked by a yellow lab around 4:16 p.m. March 21 while walking on the street past Kline’s house after it exited a garage.

“(Female) stated the lab grabbed the white dog with its mouth and began to bite down,” the report said. “(Female) stated she reached toward the lab and began to kick ... She was able to get ahold of her dog and that was when the lab began to jump onto her and bite her in the stomach and arms.”

Anderson said the female and the dog suffered minimal injuries, and neither required medical attention at the time.

The report stated the female and her dogs had been attacked another time by the lab within the past 12 months but it hadn’t been reported to the police.

Anderson said Kline confirmed the female’s retelling of the situation, and prior occurrences, stating, “He is not sure why, but it’s only with (female’s) two dogs that Mya goes after.” The conversation was captured on the officer’s dash camera.

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During the special meeting, Kline denied seeing his yellow lab jump on the female and bite her dog.

“I don’t think Mya would ever bite a person,” he told the council. “She ain’t like that. I’ve owned her since she was a pup, and I didn’t raise her to be that.”

Kline provided letters of support to the council, and a couple individuals in attendance described Mya as “trained,” “harmless” and an “average yellow lab puppy that has a lot of energy.”

“She’s a family dog,” Kline said. “I hate to have her leave.”

After the incident, Kline was also cited for a dog at-large, which refers to an animal not restrained in a motor vehicle, housing in a veterinary hospital or kennel or on a leash, which are prohibited within Britt.

According to the city’s ordinance, owners of animals found at-large and impounded would be subject to a fine. The first offense within a 12-month period is no more than $25. The second offense is no more than $50 and the third offense is no more than $100.

Anderson said although Kline’s lab was at-large at the time of the incident, the council’s decision to have her removed from city limits is strictly based on the vicious animal designation outlined in the ordinance.

“Before this vote this evening, we put a lot of work in this dog ordinance,” Councilman Paul Verbrugge said. “We have had trouble all over the place.”

Also during the April 1 meeting:

  • The City Council unanimously approved the 28E agreement with Hancock County for dispatching and communication services for law, fire and emergency medical services. Cities under 500 people will be assessed 15% of the Communication Center’s annual budget, while cities over 500 will be assessed 20%. The city’s expense shall not exceed 6% from year to year. The agreement is effective July 1.
  • The City Council approved the installation of wireless internet in the wastewater treatment plant to accommodate repurposed city computer equipment by Allied ENS LLC for $428.
  • The City Council approved the purchase of four high-definition Wi-Fi body cameras and three panoramic dash camera systems for $18,805 for the Police Department.
  • The City Council also approved having uniform vehicle decal wraps applied to three police vehicles by Signs & Designs by Liz of Garner for $2,100.

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