We have learned a lot about Trump since being elected, sort of. "Sort of" meaning he lost the general election by nearly 3 million votes, and won the combined states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by only about 115,000 total. That means if only 57,500 voters in those 3 states had voted the other way, Hillary could have won the Electoral College also.

Trump is much worse than we could have ever thought. There are way too many inadequacies to list them all here, but they include compulsive lying, over 12,000 in two and one half years, criminal behavior, unethical and immoral conduct, huge and constant turnover of Cabinet and staff, except for his son-in-law and daughter/wife, incompetence in everything, total failure of leadership, foreign policy disasters, total refute of the irrefutable science of the looming climate change crisis, failure to halt the development of nuclear weapons by Iran and N. Korea, insulting our allies and encouraging our enemies.

He claims vindication and exoneration with the release of the Mueller report, and that is also a lie. I have read much of the report and all of the summaries and conclusions of both Volumes I and II. Contrary to Trump's claims, Russia interfered in our elections and Trump, his family, and many of his campaign staff welcomed that interference. Far from exonerating Trump and his campaign, Mueller and his staff found 10 potential episodes of obstruction of justice. The investigation has already led to 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments or guilty pleas, and 5 prison sentences. You can download the summaries and conclusions at: commoncause.org/mueller.

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We just learned that Trump used withholding military aid to Ukraine for fighting Russia, to coerce their president to investigate Biden's son, which is a crime. Trump makes Bill Clinton look like a choir boy.

Steven Epperly, Mason City

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