Kwik Star Garner

NISS Excavation of Mason City works at the site of the new Kwik Star, 150 E. U.S. Highway 18, in Garner Thursday morning. The store is scheduled to open in late August.

In 2008, Iowa State Patrol moved from its office at 335 S. Eisenhower Ave., across town, to 4425 S. Washington Ave.

Since that time, Cerro Gordo County has been sitting on a vacant piece of property.

Tuesday morning, the Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors unanimously moved to rectify that.

The three-member board of Casey Callanan, Tim Latham and Chris Watts proceeded with the sale of the 335 S. Eisehhower property to Kwik Star, a La Crosse, Wisconsin-based convenience store chain with 400-plus locations in the United States.

Kwik Star bought for $455,000, the second piece of county land it has paid $400-thousand-plus for in less than a year. In June 2018, the chain bought what was once Wooz’s Car Wash for $488,000.

According to board member Chris Watts: There is now a six-month due diligence period Kwik Star will have as they complete the purchase of the other necessary parcel for their company plan.

As a result, no construction time frame exists at this time. However, Kwik Star aims to open a separate convenience store at 1502 S. Federal Ave. in mid-to-late November 2019.

A 7,500-square-foot Kwik Star location opened in Garner in August 2018, including 10 multi-product pumps, diesel and E-85.

There were no public objections during the county board meeting to the sale.

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