To the editor:

BRITT Group's Matching Gift Challenge

The Beautifying, Restoring, Investing, Today and Tomorrow, or BRITT group, has recently received an uplifting challenge. An anonymous donor is going to match the next $5,000 in donations.

The BRITT Group's Matching Gift Challenge campaign was kicked off by a very generous donation of $250 from the Britt Lioness Club. Join them and our very generous donor, who put up the matching funds, and help save the most distinctive building on Main Ave., our 1916 neoclassical bank building. 

Your matching gift has the effect of doubling your donation.

Your donation can be mailed to the BRITT Group, P.O. Box 93, Britt, IA, 50423. You can also give your donation to any of the following members, Jim Nelson, Skip Miller, Garry Kerns, Allen Eden, Gary Gelner, Jeff Kudej, Laurie Eden or Carolyn DeKruif. All donations are tax deductible.

BRITT Group seeks old bank building stories

The Commercial State Bank was the first business to occupy our historic 1916 bank building. It ceased operations in 1925. By 1927, a new bank, First State Bank, began operation in the building, and continued serving its banking customers from 10 Main Ave. N until 1980.

In addition to banking, the building housed several small businesses on the second story, plus a barbershop in the basement. This building is steeped in Britt's history.

In addition to the people that have worked at the old bank, many of Britt's residents have memories of their experiences as a banking customer, or with one of the small businesses that occupied the building.

Preserving history offers a window into our past and needs to be documented for current and future generations. You can take part in preserving our past.

Tell us your story/stories about your connection to this historic building that helped shape our community's history. Send your stories and memories to The BRITT Group at the address listed above, or give them to any of our members. All memories are important, from detailed stories to ones consisting of just two to three lines.


Connecticut Shorty,

Britt and Clear Lake