When you are a kid, few things match that excitement of bringing your new backpack, wearing a new pair of shoes or taking new pens to school on that first day of school. 

Even teachers share in the excitement.

Welcome back to school students, teachers and staff.

Here's to a school year with no snow days but one in which we get enough snow to add moisture to our fields. A year with little or no impact from one strain of flu or another.

But, most of all, although I doubt this will happen, a year in which our state legislators trust our local school boards, administrations and staffs to do what's best for our students.

Legislators need to get the facts on Common Core and how it's used in our local school districts and they need to remember those facts when discussing education issues in Des Moines. 

And legislators need to listen when school officials talk about the need for consistent funding for education so that districts can plan budgets for upcoming years.

So, here's to another school year. Here's to homecoming, to band, to basketball and math and English.