Hancock County Economic Development Corp. has a governing board of 14 voting members and four advisor non-voting members. Some people ask what it is like to have 18 bosses. Personally I look at it like having 18 partners.

The HCEDC board is significant role in the organization by undertaking several responsibilities without compensation for their time.

Once appointed to the board have the following responsibilities:

• Determine the Organization's Mission and Purpose

• Support the Executive and Review His or Her Performance

• Ensure Effective Organizational Planning

• Ensure Adequate Resources

• Manage Resources Effectively

• Determine and Monitor the Organization's Products, Services and Programs

• Enhance the Organization's Public Image

• Assess Its Own Performance

The Hancock County Economic Development Board or Team is an exceptional board that works together in a constructive partnership with the director. Members are mission driven, allocating their time to what matters and engaging in strategic thinking to keep HCEDC in the right direction.

At the board meetings, members have a mutual respect for each other, while having constructive debates which lead the organization to sound shared decision making. The HCEDC board members put the interests of the organization and County above all else. Compliance with integrity is very important to the HCEDC board.

Our board promotes strong ethical values and disciplined compliance to our bi-laws and our everyday activities. HCEDC board and past board members have built our organization to what it is today.

Currently on our board, we have a diversified group with a wealth of knowledge and expertise:


Jerry Tlach - President of Hancock County Economic Development- Jerry is Hancock County Supervisor serving his 5th-4 year term, Grain and livestock farmer, DeKalf Dealer, past president of Hancock County Pork Producer and Hancock County Farm Bureau.

Eric Newton - Vice President of Hancock County Economic Development- Eric has 30 years of banking and finance where he has had role as President and CEO of three community banks. Eric is also very active in Britt Industrial Development Group Corporation (BIDCO). .

Dave Backus - Treasurer of Hancock County Economic Development - Dave Backus is Assistant to the President having been the CFO for the previous 12 years for Stellar Industries, Inc., Garner, Iowa. He has led several companies in the acquisition of strategic firms and participated in the initial public offering of a then Fortune 500 company. He also worked with an investment banking firm assisting in the preparation and guidance of private companies for sale. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Hancock County Economic Development Corporation serving as Treasurer and is on the Prairie View and Prairie View Foundation Board of Directors.

Ryan Arndorfer - Secretary of Hancock County Economic Development - Ryan is the Mayor of Britt since 2015 and the Marketing Officer for MBT. Ryan serves on several boards and committees; Iowa Bankers Association Marketing Committee, Wright the Park, Britt Hobo Days and Habitat for Humanity

Next week, we will take a look at the other members of the Hancock County Economic Development Commission board.