One month after moving out of their home of 43 years, my father had an epic fall in the garage of their newly acquired condo. He broke ribs, his clavicle, and multiple pelvic fractures. During the ER examination, a bladder infection, atrial fib, and, a large brain bleed were also discovered. Doctors gave dad a 30 percent chance of surviving the night.

Falls can be devastating.

There was another historic fall that changed life forever. In the beginning, Adam & Eve fell from grace. The effects were devastating for all creation. What had been a perfect relationship with our Creator, Father God, was forever changed. And nothing we could do would restore this broken friendship. More than a rift in relationship, it was a legal issue.

Speaking of legal issues, when dad fell, it became apparent we needed to do some legal preparation. One step was assigning Power of Attorney (POA). This action gives the agent or attorney-in-fact the power to make decisions and take action on behalf of the principal. I became the agent. Now my actions are legally considered those of my father.

When humanity fell, God sent an agent, his son, Jesus. Jesus did what you and I were incapable of - solve the legal issue of sin. Sin separates us from God, who is holy, pure.

Jesus paid our sin debt. And, because he was God’s son, only Jesus was capable of redeeming our fatal infraction. In other words, the actions of the son were considered those of the Father.

God loves you so much he paid the price for your spiritual criminality with his own son’s blood.

So where does that leave you and me?

I can buy you a gift, but unless you believe and receive it, the gift remains unopened in my hands. It is that simple. You have to receive Jesus’ gift of forgiveness.

Pride makes it difficult to believe and receive. For some, believing in anything “good” is next to impossible due to life’s many disappointments. For others, receiving “something for nothing” is not in their constitution. Still for others, unworthiness or fierce independence is like nuclear reactor that fuels seclusion and self-reliance. There are countless ways to resist God’s unconditional love.

Looking toward Easter, consider what keeps you from getting up from the fall when all has been paid… Let pride go, believe and receive.