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Dan Peterson and Mr. Bones

West Hancock High School Principal Dan Peterson poses with Mr. Bones, who was his co-star in the snow day song parody video posted online on March 6. 

BRITT | West Hancock High School Principal Dan Peterson put his own twist on the singing snow day announcement trend last week.

He posted a video on Facebook showing him all alone at the school while students and staff were home due to the March 5-6 snowstorm. 

Peterson sang a parody version of "All By Myself" while he hung out with "Mr. Bones," the high school science department's human skeleton replica.

Peterson lifted weights, shot some hoops (and missed), and even tried to feed Mr. Bones.

"I don't want to go to school in June anymore," he sang. "No one wants to hear me sing anymore." 

The video was posted at 5:45 p.m. March 6. It also was shared via Twitter.

By mid-afternoon the following day, more than 44,000 people had viewed the video, "which just blew my mind," Peterson said. 

Among the many Facebook comments praising the video was one from a West Hancock parent who said she's glad her son is in a school district where "it's OK to have a little fun!!"

Peterson, who taught in the Missouri Valley School District for years before coming to West Hancock, is still in contact with Brent Hoesing, Missouri Valley school superintendent. 

This winter Hoesing began posting singing school closing announcements, and other Iowa school officials have started posting their own videos. 

Peterson said people have been asking him "when is it our turn?"

On March 6 school originally was to start two hours late but then cancelled. Peterson, who was already at the school, decided to stay and get some work done.

He said he found himself thinking, "Man, it's quiet in here."

That's when the song "All By Myself" popped into his head and he got the idea for his own music parody video. 

He called Karie Terhark, director of Hancock County Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention, and asked her to come to the school to shoot the video.

"She didn't need any convincing," Peterson said.

He hopes the video creates a positive image of the school district in people's minds. 

Peterson said people are "ribbing me a little bit" about his singing voice, which he admits it's no match for Hoesing's.

However, he said he can take it because it's all for the good of the school. 

Peterson said at the end of the day the goal was to "make something people can laugh at."


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