BRITT | The Hancock County Fairgrounds had security fencing all the way around it in time for this summer's fair, thanks to the Hancock County Community Foundation.

Now, the fair board is looking to the foundation again for help, this time for a safety fence to separate the Hancock County Speedway from eight acres of land to the east the board recently purchased.

Some 2,800 feet of security fencing on the north, east and south sides of the fairgrounds was completed this summer with the $6,500 grant received last year from the Hancock County Community Foundation to complete security fencing around the fairgrounds. 

The fencing was needed because of the organization's insurance policy, according to Randy Hiscocks, fair board president.

He said, from time to time, livestock would get out and were either found miles away or not recovered at all.

"Fences make good neighbors," Hiscocks said. 

The fair board recently applied for another grant from the Hancock County Community Foundation -- this time for $7,500 -- for a safety fence.

This fence will have a guard rail and six feet of wire on top, according to Hiscocks.

He said the safety fence is needed to protect the new fairgrounds land from race cars in case there's an accident that causes them to slide off the track. 

The fair board plans to move the pit area from its current location to the recently-purchased acres.

Hiscocks said the current pit location then can be used during the fair, which requires all the room they can find.

He said space is such an issue that the fair board has to lease 10 acres of land just to have enough room for parking during the fair. 

"Our fair has been doing well for the past few years," Hiscocks said. "We constantly try to improve the fairgrounds."

The fair board's annual meeting is at 7 p.m. Nov. 20 at the fairgrounds.

Two seats will be open on the board for those who would like to join in the efforts to improve the fairgrounds, according to Hiscocks.