BRITT | The Burgardt Commercial Park is ready for business.

Well, almost.

That’s what Mayor Ryan Arndorfer told the city council Tuesday, Jan. 2, when providing an update on the park’s progress.

“Here’s where we stand right now as far as what needs to happen,” Arndorfer said, before explaining to the council it needs to finalize the plat and dedication for the commercial park.

He said Earl Hill, the city’s attorney, recommends a committee, including two council members, assists him with both items before they’re brought to the council for review.

“During that process, that’s where we look at any restrictions on what can go in that development,” Arndorfer said.

Council members Curt Gast, Stacy Swenson and Paul Verbrugge expressed interest in serving on the committee if their schedules allowed.

Arndorfer also spoke to the city council about pricing the commercial park lots since Britt Industrial Development Corp., commonly known as BIDCO, installed a sign at the site directing interested parties to call City Hall for more information.

The commercial park features nine lots positioned between U.S. Highway 18 and Diagonal Street on land, including the old hotel property and agricultural land from Connie Burgardt, in Britt, purchased by the city in 2016 for nearly $209,000.

Arndorfer said commercial lots in Garner are priced between $25,000 and $32,000 per acre and suggested the city use that as “a starting point” for its park.

“I think we have to be comparable (to Garner),” Councilman Bryan Aitchison said, with others on the council agreeing.

BIDCO President Eric Newton suggested because the city owns a “small-lot park,” comprising about eight acres, it price the lots individually based on location and size.

“To me, $25,000 would seem like a minimum price,” he said. “You’re not just going to buy anything of this size for that kind of money and have all your infrastructure there. This thing’s shovel-ready.”

The city council discussed and agreed on the initial pricing of its nine lots. The prices range from $25,000 for half-acre lots to $100,000 for the 1.76-acre lot with highway frontage.

“Lot 6 is probably going to be the first lot you sell,” Newton said. “It’ll either be something fantastic that you’ll woo somebody to come in or it’ll sell for cash price. It’ll be the highest lot.”

In September, the city council awarded the contract for construction of sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water as well as paving at the Burgardt Commercial Park and improvements near the intersection of Main Avenue and Seventh Street Northwest to low-bidder McKiness Excavating Inc. of Mason City for about $931,933, which was about $20,000 below the engineer’s estimate.

The underground utilities were completed this fall, but the paving at the commercial park will be completed in the spring.

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