In his current job as city manager in Independence, a job he has held since 2014, one of Roder's main accomplishments has been the installation of a new pool/aquatic center, built under budget by $800,000 for a total of $2.9 million.

He told the Globe Gazette he thinks Mason City has a positive culture right now, and would help see the River City Renaissance Project through if he were picked.

"I think it’s a matter of understanding the ground that needs to be covered and not trying to reinvent the wheel," Roder said about the project specifically. "The size of the project is less significant than the process that we have to go through."

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported in July 2008 that Roder—then city administrator in Northfield, Minnesota agreed to drop a lawsuit against the city if Mayor Lee Lansing apologized for "behavior that he said fueled his decision to leave."

Rodur also resigned from his city administrator position in Norfolk, Nebraska, effective December 2010. Then mayor Sue Fuchtman later said Roder did nothing wrong and didn't deserve to be fired. No further details were given.

Rodur, in response to questions about those incidents, said the allegations against him in Northfield "were proven to be without merit." He added that what happened in Norfolk was simply a disagreement on the future of that town.

"The mayor made the comment and they wanted to go in a different direction … (she) was very forthcoming but there was nothing else given to me about it," he said about what happened in Nebraska.

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