Details for WAVERLY SALES COMPANY - Ad from 2019-09-08

Waverly Sales Co.
Next Sheep, Goat, Feeder pig
Sale is Monday, Sep 9th. Selling
sheep at 10:00 AM followed by
goats and pigs. Early listings:
8 home raised Hamp/Suffolk
X replacement ewes most are
2-4 yrs old and open; complete
herd dispersal of hair sheep
consisting of 70 ewes various
ages due to lamb in Dec, 5 ewes
with lambs at side, 9 lambs
35-40 lbs; 20 - Hamp/Suffolk X
open replacement ewes yrlg to 4
yrs old; 1 - Hamp/Suffolk X Spring
Buck; 1 - 3 yr old Hamp/Suffolk X

Results Sept 3rd. Fat cattle sold
400 Hd. Fat Strs topped $113.00
1 Hd 1410 lbs from Annabelle
Strauss of West Des Moines, 2
Hd $111.25 1315 lbs from Dennis
Wedeking of Greene, Bulk Choice/
Prime $107.00 to $111.00.
Fat Hfrs topped $111.75 5 Hd
1157 lbs from Jeff Williams of
Allison, 5 Hd $111.75 1247 lbs
from Randy Demaray of Nora
$107.00 to $111.50. Fat Blk
Hol-Swiss Beef Type $95.00
to $104.00. Fat Hol Dairy Strs
topped $100.00 1 Hd 1490 lbs
from Blake Dietz of Plainfield,
1 Hd $99.00 1435 lbs from Martin
Reeser of Allison, 5 Hd $98.25
1602 lbs from Jeff Francis of
St. Ansgar. Bulk Choice/Prime
$93.00 to $98.00. Butcher bulls –
High dressers $90.00 to $93.50.
Butcher cows sold 90 Hd – High
dressers Beef cows $66.00 to
$72.00, Dairy cows High dressers
$61.00 to $67.00. Lower dressers
$54.00 to $58.00, Old thin cows
$20.00 to $46.00. Feeder Cattle –
Beef Strs 280 to 600 lbs $130.00
to $165.00 Cwt. Beef Hfrs 470 to
620 lbs $120.00 to $136.00 Cwt.
Next cattle sale is Tues Sept 10th.
Chutes open Monday til 9:00 PM
for cattle take in. Tues selling Fat
Cattle at 9:30 AM followed by at
1:00 PM Baby Calves, Special Bred
Cow-Cow/calf family-Feeder Cattle
Sale, Butcher Bulls & Cows. Early
listings: 130 Fancy Hol Strs 700 lbs
on self-feeder; 86 Fancy Hol Strs
650 lbs on self-feeder; 30 Hol/Beef
X Strs on silage/corn 650-700 lbs;
11 Hol Hfrs on full feed 900-950
lbs; 12 Hol-MT-Burrier X Strs green
tagged on full feed 600 lbs.
Sale Barn 319–352–2804 or
Fax: 319–352–5642
Ron Dean 319–269–9311
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