Details for WAVERLY SALES COMPANY - Ad from 2019-11-10

Waverly Sales Co.

Results Nov 4th – Sheep light
run - Fat lambs 120 to 162 lbs
$140.00 to $151.00 Cwt, Feeder
lambs 50 to 100 lbs $149.00 to
$192.50 Cwt, Mrkt ewes $52.00 to
$60.00 Cwt. Goats – Boer goats 40
to 100 lbs $90.00 to $160.00 Hd.
Next Sheep-Goat-Feeder Pig sale is
Monday Nov 18th. Selling sheep at
10:30 am followed by goats & pigs.
Results – Nov 5th – Fat cattle sold 460
Hd – Fat Strs topped $117.00 5 Hd
1447 lbs from Triple H Farms of Fertile,
3 Hd $116.00 1460 lbs from Randy
Brus of Alta Vista, Bulk choice/prime
$111.00 to $115.75. Fat Hfrs topped
$117.00 10 Hd 1293 lbs from Steve
Jass of Garner, 2 Hd $116.50 1358 lbs
from Coldwater Farms of Greene, Bulk
choice/prime $111.00 to $116.00. Fat
Hol Strs topped $97.75 2 Hd 1458 lbs
from Faught Farms of Kensett, 3 Hd
$97.00 1650 lbs from Jesse Piehl of
Readlyn, Bulk choice/prime $90.00 to
$96.00. Butcher bulls High Dressers
$78.00 to $82.50 Cwt. Butcher cows
sold 120 Hd – High dressers $58.00 to
$62.50 Cwt, Lower dressers $46.00
to $54.00 Cwt, Old thin cows $13.00
to $38.00 Cwt. Feeder cattle light test
– Beef Strs 330 to 850 lbs $120.00
to $132.50 Cwt, Beef Hfrs 330 to
800 lbs $110.00 to $128.50 Cwt, Hol
Strs 350 to 550 lbs $73.00 to $80.00
Cwt. Next cattle sale is Tues Nov 12th.
Chutes open Monday for cattle take in
til 9:00pm. Tues selling Fat Cattle at
9:30am followed by at 1:00pm Baby
calves, Special Bred cow & families,
Special Feeder cattle sale, Butcher
bulls & cows. Early listings: 35 Home
raised Hol Hfrs on full feed 650 to 850
lbs; 12 Blk Angus X Strs/Hfrs 500 to
550 green tag shots; 10 yr old Blk
Ang X cow bred to polled purebred red
Gelbveih bull low BW; 2 yr old Blk Ang
X 1st calf Hfr bred to polled purebred
red Gelbveih bull low BW. Approx. 50 Blk-

Red Hereford/Angus X Strs/Hfrs green
tagged 550-600 lbs.

Sale Barn 319-352-2804 or
Fax: 319-352-5642
Ron Dean 319-269-9311
Visit our website at


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