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Forest Health Protecting Natural Resources Trees take decades to grow and yet caterpillars could seal their fate in days. Defoliating insects can pose a significant threat to what are among our most valuable natural resources – our forests. To manage these pests in a sustainable manner, Valent BioSciences draws from the bacteria class of biorationals. The world’s leading biorational forest health product, Foray®, contains Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki (Btk) as the active ingredient. This subspecies has been used for control of forest caterpillar pests since the mid-1970s, but over the past 20 years, both the product and application technologies have evolved exponentially. Btk has highly specific insecticidal activity against Lepidopteran insects such as gypsy moth, spruce budworm, and Douglas fir tussock moth – all of which cause defoliation and threaten healthy forests. The Prevalence of Bt Use of Bacillus thuringiensis in forestry applications has been key in the development of biorational technology. It is the most widely used biopesticide in the world and is one of the few pesticides registered for widespread aerial application. The pursuit of technological advancement in forestry applications has been the driver for advancement in other areas. Similar to public health, governments most often direct forest health programs. These programs have to be effective, efficient, affordable, and sustainable. Forestry applications demand highly effective products that can be sprayed over huge areas at low volumes. They may have to be sprayed over churches and schoolyards — all the places that we live and play. They can’t have any adverse impact on wildlife, environment, or beneficial predators. Aircraft Technology To be their most effective, Bt products need to be carefully applied such that the product is delivered to all parts of the affected area. In agriculture, it’s relatively simple to ensure good coverage of a field because of the straight crop rows and the accessibility of the crop. In forests, however, efficient application and full coverage is a more complicated. Because of this, forestry programs were some of the first to utilize GPS technology within their aircrafts. Aircraft Technology GPS allows aerial applicators to maximize efficiency as they are able to more evenly distribute product with a high rate of precision. In addition to tracking exact locations where the product has been applied, GPS can also be used to monitor and control the amount of product being applied over a fixed area. Application Precision The movement of spray away from the aircraft and toward the target is another complex dynamic that depends on a number of factors: nozzle type, flow rate, formulation type, droplet size, and speed of the aircraft. Extensive research in this area has resulted in depth of understanding and design of spray equipment that best meets the needs of this complex mechanical system. Over the years, through rigorous testing and droplet calibration, VBC has honed the technique for aerial applications over forests and works directly with applicators to ensure full, effective coverage. Advancements in aerial application technology and Bt product formulation over the last thirty-plus years have greatly impacted the efficiency of insect control programs over forested areas. The advancements made through Forest Health application technology have helped pave the way for more effective mosquito control treatments in the Public Health sector. The work done toward perfecting droplet size, nozzle type, flow rate and formulation type for forest health applications have evolved to help public health professionals respond to outbreaks of diseases such as Dengue and Zika virus.

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