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Clear Lake Bank & Trust committed
to employees’ well-being
CEO believes roughly
100 employees ‘are
number one’ priority


Special to the Globe Gazette

lear Lake Bank & Trust was
founded in 1934 and is currently led by CEO Mark
Hewitt. Over the years, the
bank has upheld its value of employees, earning its nomination of
North Iowa Employer of Choice.
The company operated with
roughly 100 employees, and
Hewitt is committed to their
well-being and satisfaction at
the job. The company even has a
list of constituencies that holds
its employees at the top of the list.
“Our customers are important,”
said Hewitt. “Our board and directors are important, but our employees are number one. We try to
remember that in everything we
One significant way this is executed is through the company’s
employee inclusiveness. Employees are involved in decisions
outside of their job descriptions,
allowing each of them to have a
voice in the company’s direction.
A survey is also sent out every year
to employees, and the results are
“taken very seriously,” according
to Hewitt.
“On a day to day basis, we have
lots and lots of touchpoints where
senior management here is very
much in touch with employees,”
Hewitt said. “We’re constantly
trying to get their feedback and
their involvement in helping plot
out our strategies.”
To solve problems, the bank frequently forms task forces to tackle
short and long-term issues. To
encourage employee involvement
throughout the company, nearly


Clear Lake bank & trust CeO mark Hewitt is committed to the well-being of the business’ roughly 100
employees, some of which are shown here.
every employee is active in at least
one task force at any given time.
Every two years, Hewitt forms
a small group of his employees
to strategically plan where the
company can improve as a whole.
During the meeting, the group
also develops several key initiatives to assist in these improvements.
Another critical way Hewitt
aids in the happiness of his employees is by ensuring there is no
such thing as a typical day. He
believes a perk of working for the

bank is the variety of responsibilities within the job, keeping it
unique and fresh each day.
Hewitt also initiates many
strategies to help his employees
feel appreciated. First, he ensures
no important dates are forgotten
by putting up a calendar with
employee’s birthdays and work
anniversaries and ensures they
are recognized. The company
also celebrates promotions and
Along with the celebrations,
the company also participates in

outings like golfing, bowling and
holiday dinners to ensure everyone has the chance to get to know
each other outside of work.
“The way I view my own personal job is I gotta come in here
and make sure everybody that
walks in the door is fired up about
their job every day,” said Hewitt.
“If that’s not the case, then I’m
not doing my job.”
Another priority of the company is to ensure proper training
for its employees by taking advantage of NIACC and other partners

with good training resources. The
company also does internal training to help new employees understand more about the bank and its
“We don’t just assume that
people know what the culture is,”
Hewitt said. “They have to know
it. They have to feel it every day.
We have lots of internal opportunities for them to get that knowledge.”
Clear Lake Bank & Trust prides
itself in promoting from within,
and with about 50 different job
titles, employees have ample opportunities to climb the company
“When we have an opening in
the bank, we try everything we
can do to promote within,” said
Hewitt. “So if anyone is even remotely close to qualified for the
job that already works here, they
are going to get it. We give them
a chance to develop their skillset
and do some things that are very
different than what they were
hired here to do.”
At the beginning of the pandemic, Clear Lake Bank & Trust
prioritized its employee’s safety.
They closed the lobby doors, and
those who could work remotely
did. The company followed
COVID-19 protocols and provided hand sanitizer, face masks
and technology needs to their employees to ensure its employee’s
safety. As businesses have begun
to open back up, the bank has kept
the option to work remotely when
As time continues, Hewitt and
his team proceed to find ways to
be a better employer.
“We’re grateful for the recognition,” Hewitt said. “A huge part of
what we’re doing is to be thought
of as a great top employer, and
it’s just really nice to hear that
we’re getting that recognition.
It’s pretty rewarding.”

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