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Changing the Game!
Cerro Gordo County 4-H held
a computer science workshop
for three evenings. The first
first night, the nine youth in
attendance learned all about
coding on a computer with the
computer software Scratch.
Their goal was to create
characters, work together as
a team, and tell a story about

something they are passionate
about. The second night the
kids got to stack cups in a
pyramid with partners using
only certain codes, they had
to act as a computer and could
only do what their teammate
told them to do. They also
“Hacked their Harvest” by
creating a board game where

the tractor had to follow a
path to get to the barn—the
path had some challenges like
harvesting hay, moving rocks,
or pulling fence. Each of the
challenges had their own
code. The last night, the youth
got to create their own play
ground games. We started
off with tag, and they had the

opportunity to code their own
games that we played. If you
are interested in any programs
that we offer please contact
Kelsey at the Extension


In September, Clover Kids in grades
kindergarten through third learned
about earthworms. We started by
reading the story Diary of a Worm by
Doreen Cronin where the character
Worm tells us about his life through
informational and funny diary entries.
Then we observe real earthworms.
Kids were asked to observe their
worm’s movements, touch them and
feel the segments on their body, and
used a magnifying glass to look closer
at them. Then we measured the worms
to see how long they were.
After learning about earthworms
we painted with fake worms using

cooked spaghetti noodles. We ended
with a wiggly worm game where kids
picked a popsicle stick with a picture
on it and then did the movement they

had selected. Some of the movements
included wiggle like a worm, show
us your silly face, and freeze like an
ice cube.

If your child is interested in joining
the fun, please contact Michelle at
641-423-0844 or
for more information.

Join Cerro Gordo County 4-H!
4-H, the nation’s largest youth
organization, cultivates confident
kids who tackle the issues that matter
most in their communities right now.
Cerro Gordo County 4-H holds club
meetings once a month in the members
perspective clubs. They run like a
traditional meeting and offer different

activities such as workshops, tours of
businesses, and teambuilding activities.
Cost to join Cerro Gordo County 4-H is
$11 a year. Please contact Kelsey at the
Extension Office if you are interested
or have any questions. 641-423-0844 or

Welcome to Extension, Sarah DeBour!

We have a new County
Director and Ag and Natural
Resources Coordinator, Sarah
DeBour! Sarah DeBour is a
2009 graduate of Iowa State
University with a Bachelor
of Science in Agriculture
and Life Sciences Education.
She received her Masters
of Education in 2012 from
Grand Canyon University in
Education Administration in
Organizational Leadership

DeBour comes to Extension
and Outreach with 9 ½ years
experience being an agriculture
and life sciences educator and
FFA advisor at HamptonDumont-CAL CSD.
She lives on an acreage with
her husband Tyler and two
girls. They enjoy raising Polled
Hereford cattle, chickens, and
attending Iowa State athletics
events in our spare time.
“I am most excited about

DeBour will be running our
Master Gardener and Master
along with other Agriculture
programming. We are excited
to have her on our team!

working to continue the strong
tradition of extension and
outreach in the communities
of Cerro Gordo County. I
have a passion for people as
well as agriculture that will
enhance partnerships and
grow our volunteer base. I am
also very excited to work on
strengthening the programing
in the agriculture and natural
resources areas within the

We are looking for some volunteers!
We need Clover Kids volunteers- This
can be high school students or adults.
Our Clover Kids (Kindergarten-3rd
grade) program is growing so we need
some helping hands. Help us anywhere
between 1-4 times a month when it
works in your schedule. You don’t have
to plan any of the program, just show up

to be helping hands.
Cerro Gordo 4-H Foundation Board
Members- Adult board members
are wanted to meet quarterly
and help raise money to support
Cerro Gordo County 4-H!
All volunteers must be background

Please contact Kelsey at the Extension
Office if you are interested in any
of these volunteer opportunities! or 641-423-0844.

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