COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS The Osage City Council met in regular session at 5:30 pm on Monday, October 3 2022 with Mayor Steve Cooper presiding. Council Members present were: Bodensteiner, Voaklander, Grafft, and Mork. Absent: Adams and Olson. Meeting was held in Council Chambers at City Hall with Zoom electronic participation available. Council Member Bodensteiner moved to approve the agenda. Council Member Grafft seconded. All voted aye, motion carried. Council Member Voaklander moved to approve the consent agenda. Council Member Mork seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote. Consent agenda items were: approval of monthly reports, approval of minutes of September 19, 2022 meeting, and Res. 22-23-34 RES. APPROVING CLAIMS. Adams Plumbing, supplies/s55.17 Morische, Gary, mowing/s135.00 Ahlers & Cooney, prof serv/s122.50 Municipal Supply, meters/s1466.42 Amazon, supplies/s677.56 Net Payroll, Sept 21/s40287.54 Austin Office Products, furniture /s1237.12 NI Broadcasting, ads/s2216.00 Bree's Tire, services/s125.94 Olsen Implement, parts/s1283.40 Charles City Press, ads/s210.00 OMU, fees/s1500.00 City of Osage, transfers/s354429.52 OMU, phones/s710.52 Clark Stitchery LLC, Main St Loan /s10000.00 OMU, utilities/s13221.86 CRC, pool mgm & OMU pass thru /s59000.00 Osage Coop Elevator, materials /s1196.80 Electronic Engineering, pagers /s1419.00 Payroll Deductions, Sept 21/s37347.67 Engineered Equip Sol, supplies /s4385.98 Perrin, Heidi, services/s375.00 Firehouse, publication/s52.00 Pollard Pest Control, services/s59.80 Floyd & Leonard, parts/s526.37 Pomp's Tire, tires/s3600.00 Gerard Tank & Steel, pay cert /s313025.00 Red Can LLC, services/s12696.50 Hawkins, supplies/s160.00 Scharper Services, services/s60.00 Henkel Construction, pay cert /s156677.80 SEH, street & tower projects/s7803.74 Home Trust Bank, PR fees/s20.00 SISCO, claims/s2517.10 IA DNR, annual water use fee/s115.00 Spahn & Rose, supplies/s236.95 IAMU, safety training/s608.14 Standard Insurance, life insurance /s126.84 John Deere Financial, parts/s135.84 Town & Country Ins, added cov /s2504.00 Larsons Hardware Hank, supplies /s103.80 Verizon Wireless, cell phones/s229.57 LR Falk, materials/s212.30 Weber Auto Parts, parts/s631.82 Malmin LLC, supplies/s19.84 Wright, Kari, services/s256.00 Microbac, testing/s86.25 Ziegler, parts/s1042.82 Claims Summarization: General $177873.43; RUT $14901.59; Solid Waste $12746.50; Water $13000.38; Sewer $16844.07; Library $6571.35; Employee Benefits $2517.10; Main St Loan $10000.00; Project $477506.54 Council Member Voaklander had been approached about the condition of N 13th Street by property owners who had been assessed for the paving in 2019. Cracks have been apparent since the work was completed and heaving and spalling concrete is now visible. Project engineer and contractor can be notified regarding the maintenance bond on the project. Raised areas on previous crack and seat blocks on Pine, Poplar, and Pleasant were also noted. Council Member Bodensteiner moved to approve Res. 22-23-35 RES. APPROVING PARTIAL PAY CERTIFICATE NO. 5 FOR NEW WELL AND WATER TOWER CONTRACT I. Council Member Mork seconded. Resolution was adopted by unanimous vote. Council Member Voaklander moved to approve Res. 22-23-36 RES. APPROVING PARTIAL PAY CERTIFICATE NO. 6 FOR NEW WELL AND WATER TOWER CONTRACT I. Council Member Grafft seconded. Resolution was unanimously approved. Both payments were for the water tower and totaled $313,025. Council Member Grafft moved to approve Res. 22-23-37 RES. APPROVING COUNCIL APPOINTMENTS TO AIRPORT ZONING COMMISSION. Council Member Bodensteiner seconded. Motion was unanimously approved. Council Member Bodensteiner moved to approve Res. 22-23-38 RES. APPROVING COUNCIL APPOINTMENTS - AIRPORT MANAGER AND ZONING ADMINISTRATOR. Council Member Mork seconded. All voted aye, motion carried. City Clerk recommended amending current budget due to pending completion of the Park Playgroundplash Pad Project and Water Tower, Well, and Well House Project. Council Member Bodensteiner moved to approve Res. 22-23-39 RES. SETTING DATE FOR PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO FY 2023 BUDGET. Council Member Voaklander seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote. Public hearing will be November 7 at 5:30 pm. Council Member Grafft made motion to approve Malcolm Schenker as full member of the fire department. Council Member Voaklander seconded. All voted aye, motion carried. Council Member Mork made motion to approve Katelin Schmitz as probationary member of the fire department. Council Member Bodensteiner seconded. All voted aye, motion carried. The Public Works Committee and Mayor Cooper met with Osage school officials to discuss needs for ball fields and parking if City trades property with Faith Home and a new nursing home is built on current site of Jaycee ball diamond. Creating a ball diamond at soccer park was mentioned. The Public Safety Committee met and learned of Iowa DOT program to repaireplace sidewalks along Hwy 9 & 218 within the City limits. The DOT would cover that cost of the program with work being done in 2025. City sidewalk project could focus on 6th, 7th, and 8th street routes to schools and hospital. The Public Works Committee also met to consider landscaping improvements by the Veterans Memorial at the cemetery. The trees have been removed and other species will be planted as well as sidewalk and benches replaced. City Clerk reported that Arlen Near is new owner of Triangle Trailer Court and is seeking financial assistance for replacing old mobile homes with new units. There may be options available using IEDA funding or TIF funding. City Administrator Waters and Street Superintendent Benson will attend meeting on Tuesday about dealing with the impact of Emerald Ash Borer, which has now been identified in Mitchell County. Matt Jakoubek has been hired as new Public Works employee. Gene Evans plans to retire from Fire Department at end of October. Fire Chief Angell is not running for Chief's position again, but plans to remain as a firefighter. Council Member Bodensteiner made motion to adjourn. Council Member Mork seconded. Meeting adjourned. s/Steve Cooper, Mayor Attest: Cathy Penney, City Clerk