WANTED 30 GRANDPARENTS that want to hear their grandchildren. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND WISH TO BE INCLUDED, CALL TODAY FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT PEOPLE WILL BE SELECTED BY JUNE 17TH HEALTH NOTIFICATION Are You Hard of Hearing? A major name brand hearing aid provider wishes to field test a remarkable new digital hearing instrument in the area. This offer is free of charge and you are under no obligation. These revolutionary 100% Digital instruments use the latest technology to comfortably and almost invisibly help you hear more clearly. This technology solves the “stopped up ears” and “head in a barrel” sensation some people experience. If you wish to participate, you will be required to have your hearing tested in our office FREE OF CHARGE* to determine candidacy and review your results with the hearing instruments with our hearing care specialist. At the end of this evaluation, you may keep your instrument, if you so desire, at a tremendous savings for participating in this field test. Special testing will be done to determine the increased benefits of this technology. Benefits of hearing aids vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing test, and proper fit. This is a wonderful opportunity to determine if hearing help is available for your hearing loss and get help at a very affordable price. WE WILL CUSTOM PROGRAM A PAIR WHILE YOU ARE HERE, SO YOU CAN HEAR THE DIFFERENCE! Don’t miss this amazing offer! 895 $ 2 for * Receive 2 AudioTone™ Pro Hearing Aids at $895 for a limited time only. *Limit one coupon per patient at the promotional price during event dates only. Not valid with any other discount or offer. Does not apply to prior purchases. Fits up to a 35 db loss. Exp 6/21/19. FREE Complete Electronic Hearing Test This audiometric evaluation will precisely show you what you’ve been missing. FREE Video Otoscope Ear Inspection This show-all picture of your ear canal is displayed on a color TV monitor. • FREE Complete Electronic Hearing Test - This Audiometric evaluation will precisely show what you’ve been missing. • FREE Video Otoscope Ear Inspection - This show-all picture of your ear canal is displayed on a color TV monitor, so you’ll see exactly what we see. • FREE Package of Hearing Aid Batteries - If you now wear a hearing aid, you will receive one free package of hearing aid batteries. If we test your hearing you will receive another free package. • FREE In-Office Repairs - All in-office hearing aid repairs shall be free... and factory repairs, regardless of make or model, shall be 50% off. OPEN HOUSE EVENT! June 17th - June 21st CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-387-3068 MASON CITY Willowbrook Plaza 1631 4th St. SW, Suite 102 ALBERT LEA Northbridge Mall 2566 Bridge Ave. Matt Bull, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist *Hearing test is always free. Hearing test is an audiometric test to determine proper amplification needs only, not a medical exam. CODE: ILX627CJ9

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