Details for DUST CONTROL

Dust Control Notice
To Hancock County Rural Residents
Any person desiring to have dust control on a section of road under county
jurisdiction has the option to hire Hancock County Secondary Roads for
dust control application or any of the approved contractors listed below.
Payment for the dust control applications will be made directly to the
chosen contractor.
Jerico Services, Inc. at 800-397-3977
Using Calcium Chloride material
(typical treatment 400 linear feet x 20 feet in width)
Deano’s Dust Control at 641-421-8622
Using Chloride products
(typical treatment 400 linear feet x 18 feet in width)
Hancock County Secondary Roads at 641-923-2243
Using Chloride products
(typical treatment 300 linear feet x 20 feet in width)
Scheduling of these applications will be the responsibility of the contractor
selected by the resident. Hancock County will prepare the site prior to the
application by the chosen contractor.
All questions regarding dust control and material used should be directed to
the contractor at the phone numbers shown above.
Hancock County will not guarantee the effectiveness of the dust control
treatment. Any complaints concerning the quality will be handled between
the resident and the contractor they selected.
Hancock County reserves the right to perform normal maintenance (such
as blading and granular resurfacing) through areas of dust control to level
uneven or rough areas, without liability for the cost of any new dust control
application. NOTE: We will be blading through most dust control by
middle of October to prepare for winter weather conditions.
If you want Hancock County Secondary Roads to apply dust control, please
call the office at 641-923-2243 before May 10th to get on the schedule
and your site done in a timely manner. Requests after May 10th, will be
scheduled at the county’s convenience. Thank you.
Hancock County Engineer


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