ALWAYS BUYING LOCATION: Holiday Inn Express & Suites 3 BUYING DAYS WE WILL TRAVEL & MAKE HOUSE CALLS 3041 4th Street, Mason City, IA DIRECTIONS: BUYING DAYS: BUYING ALWAYS Just East of LOCATION: LOCATION: LOCATION: W Wednesday, April 24th 9am-6pm Country Inn & Suites Holiday Inn Express & Suites Country Inn & Suites Hwy. Mason 9,9,Decorah, IA IA Fleet Farm 30412042 4thState Street City, 2042 State Hwy. Decorah, IA ThursdayBUYING Thursday, April 25th 9am-6pm DIRECTIONS: DAYS: DIRECTIONS: BUYING DAYS: BUYING DAYS: DIrECTIONS: on South Side East on Hwy. 9 Monday,October August 20th 20 Monday, 22nd 9am-6pm 9am-6pm Just Just East on Hwy. 9from from Monday, August 9am-6pm Just East of Fleet Farm junction of Hwys. 52 & Tuesday, October 23rd 9am-6pm Friday Friday, April 26th 9am-6pm Tuesday, August 21 9am-6pm junction of Hwys. 52 &99 on South Side Tuesday, August 21st 9am-6pm of Hwy 122 INSTANT CASH OR CHECK Wednesday, 24th9am-6pm 9am-6pm (Just Wednesday,October August 22 ofofCulver’s) of Hwy 122 (JustWest West Culver’s) BRING IN AD YING 3 BU FOR ADDITIONAL YS OF DATIME $5 AT PURCHASE OF BRING IN AD $100 OR OVER FOR ADDITIONAL $5 AT TIME OF PURCHASE OF $100 OR OVER Wednesday, August 22nd 9am-6pm INSTANT CASH CASH OR INSTANT Or CHECK CHECK DIAMONDS Wedding Rings Cocktail Rings Pendants Tennis Bracelets All Loose Diamonds ALL 10¢ COMIC BOOKS CURRENCY Paper Money (1929 & Older) Baseball CardsCards Baseball UnderUnder 19601960 All Political Items • Silver Dollars • Gold Coins • Foreign Coins • Proof Sets • Mint Sets • All US Coins Pre 1965 • 1965-1969 Half Dollars and .999 Silver Bars GOLD GOLD “Gold is High” will pay top prices. ClassAll Rings, Broken Jewelry & Dental Gold. Men’s & Women’s Old Wrist & Pocket (any condition)Watches (any condition) “Silver is High” Will pay top prices. (Coins Pre 1964) OLD FISHING LURES OLD BUYING ALL RECORD ROLEX WATCHES PLAYERS OLD MARBLES STERLING FLATWARE & SILVERWARE ALL MILITARY All HELMETS OLD AND MILITARY CLOCKS ITEMS SILVER COINS ART ALL TIFFANY GLASSWARE All COSTUME JEWELRY Men’s & Women’s OldAll Wrist & Pocket Watches National Currency ALLALL OLD DISNEY ITEMS ALL STERLING Buying Old Toys STERLING & TURQUOISE & TURQUOISE Including Marx, Hubley NAVAJO JEWELRY & More. Games, etc. NAVAJO JEWELRY ALL OLD SEWING BUTTONS AND THIMBLES OLD TRAIN SETS OLd OLD SpORTS CAMERAS COLLECTIBLES PRICES FOR GOLD AND SILVER! COINS “Gold isand High” will payWedding top prices. Pendants Jewelry, Rings, Class Rings, Broken Jewelry & Dental Gold. Pendants and Jewelry, Wedding Rings, POSTCARDS Under 1950 WILL BEAT WE WILL COMPETITORS TRAVEL & MAKE HOUSE CALLS PRICES FOR GOLD AND WILL BEAT SILVER! COMPETITORS ALL RED WING CROCKS & POTTERY ALL BEER COLLECTIBLES ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ALL STAMP COLLECTIONS INCLUDING HAMM’S PLAYBOY ALL MAGAZINES LLAdROS 1965 & OLDER BUYING ALL VINTAGE ROLEX WATCHES STAR WARS ITEmS ALL OLD LUNCH BOXES ALL FOUNTAIN PENS ALL AUTOGRAPHS OLD BANKS OLD ALL ALL JUkE ALL OLd MUSIC ANTIQUE RAILROAD BOXES COCA COLA BOXES GUNS ITEMS Buying Old Toys Including BUYING INdIAN STErLING ALL ALL OLD ALL FIREWORKS ORIENTAL JUKE BEAdEd ITEmS marx, Hubley, and VINTAGE POSTCARDS Flatware BEFORE Antique Items COCA COLA BRING 1963 RUGS ANd ARROWHEAdS BOXES CAST IRON TOYS! IT IN Tea Sets Any Items Marked AND WE'LL Bullion .999 Coin Medallions ALL OLD Buying All Indian STERLING Buying All Indian Antique Items BRING SORT ALL Flatware Any Items Marked Sterling Jewelry .925, .980 IT IN AND DESIGNER SPORTS Beaded Items and THROUGH Items and Tea Sets .999 Coin LLADROBeaded WE’LL SORT Thimbles .830, .800 Bullion .925, .980 IT! GLASSWARE COLLECTIBLES Arrowheads THROUGH Arrowheads Sterling Jewelry .830, .800 Medallions on Sterling Thimbles on Sterling IT! MIDWEST COIN & ANTIQUES 763-464-1024

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