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New Tech for the Home
The pandemic
has given rise to
or accelerated
several trends in
home design
that will outlast
this year of
troubled living.
Here are a few
that can be
for smart

When the pandemic shift
many to work from home,
the power and reach of
Wi-Fi became a crucial link
to the outside world for
personal and professional
reasons. In neighborhoods
where dozens of signals
placed stress on the wireless
networks, having a powerful
router with made a big
difference in allowing for
multiple streaming devices
for work and leisure.
In a world of Zoom calls
and downloads that
continues and will likely
exist in a post-pandemic
world, speed and signal
strength has become a big
player in home networking.
Wi-Fi 6 has arrived at just
the right time to solve most
problems, and along with it,
routers capable of directing
Wi-Fi 6 is designed to

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Smart Communities
A smart community is a group of homes that are outfitted with the latest smart home
gadgets. Smart communities are designed where every home in the neighborhood is
a smart home giving the homeowners control over smart home features like climate
control, smart lighting and smart security. These wired communites are growing
across the U.S., and there’s upsides and downside to living so connected. For more
information on smart communities, visit

bring faster speeds and
broader coverage, directing
internet traffic through
multiple “lanes.” Newgeneration Wi-Fi 6 routers
are pricer and at first you
may not notice how efficient
they can be. The trick is
these routers, such as
Amazon’s Eero Pro 6 and

Netgear’s Orbi make
improvements based on
your usage over time. Video
calls become sharper and
faster, smart home
accessories respond faster
and so on.
Once you experience
Wi-Fi 6, even if you don’t
note dramatic increases in

speed initially, there’s no
turning back. Wi-Fi 6 will
become the standard and
the investment will put you
on the cutting edge of this
new technology.


There’s almost no
common household

appliance, entertainment
center or outdoor
environment that can’t be
improved with the everincreasing world of smart
devices. If they seem
intimidating, they’re not.
After a short learning curve,
chances are you’ll
addictively add more and
more. And with faster
internet speeds and broader
reach using Wi-Fi 6,
capabilities are even more
Many homeowners use a
variety of smart gadgets,
from speakers to plugs and
thermostats, all controlled
effortlessly from an app on
your phone or tablet. But
with spring and summer
arriving, what about smart
outdoor living?
Among the more
intriguing devices is the
smart barbecue grill, such as
the Trager Ironwood 650.
This smart grill uses pellets
for cooking and it’s D2
Drive uses a variable speed
fan (0-100 rpm) and
embedded software to
deliver better control over
cooking temperatures and
provide faster ignition times,
according to PC Mag.
Smart plugs like the
D-Link mydlink Outdoor
Wi-Fi Smart Plug make it a
breeze to control lighting,
pool pumps and other
outdoor necessities. It’s
weatherproof and quickly
installs to support Alexa and
Google Assistant for use
with voice commands.