School Avg
Central Springs 1.13
Rockford 1.13
Algona 1.16
Bishop Garrigan 1.17
Northwood-Kensett 1.19
Newman Catholic 1.20
Nashua-Plainfield 1.21
St. Ansgar 1.22
Garner-Hayfield-Ventura 1.27
Lake Mills 1.28
North Iowa, Buffalo Center 1.30
Hampton-Dumont 1.30
North Iowa average 1.31
8-man average 1.32
Class 1A average 1.32
Forest City 1.33
Osage 1.33
Iowa average 1.34
Class 2A average 1.35
North Butler 1.35
Riceville 1.35
Clear Lake 1.36
Class 4A average 1.36
Charles City 1.36
Class 3A average 1.37
Belmond-Klemme 1.40
West Fork 1.41
Coulter-Alexander-Latimer/Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 1.45
West Hancock 1.57
Mason City 1.69

Numbers were calculated as averages of football's four categories: coaches, athletes, student spectators and adult spectators. The numbers are listed from lowest (best sportsmanship) to highest (worst sportsmanship). Averages stayed within the excellent range on the IHSAA's 1-4 scale.

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