BELMOND | Senior Sergio Suarez was all smiles after Belmond-Klemme’s 34-6 defeat of Sumner-Fredericksburg on Friday night.

“I’m a happy guy.” Suarez said.

Suarez spent the night driving the offense with 173 rushing yards on 21 attempts. At 5-foot-8, 150 pounds, Suarez is hard to catch, swinging around his line of blockers to the outside before sprinting forward.

“Sergio is one of our hardest working young men and last week he had a huge game and it’s so exciting for me to have him come back and do it again this week,” head coach Darwin Christensen said. “I always say, too, if things are going well for him, there’s a lot of people around him doing great things as well.”

“Definitely gotta owe it to the front line because I’m nothing without them,” Suarez said.

He’s got the moves, too, spinning around or juking to the side as he avoids multiple tackles up the field. It’s part of what makes him hard to tackle. He’s hesitant to admit anything about his own performance, but he knows what he’s capable of.

“I just love running the ball,” Suarez said. “Putting crazy moves on them, giving them a couple jukes.”

Belmond-Klemme is now 4-0, but they will take on a 3-1 Denver team next week, so Suarez sets his expectations high.

“My team performed pretty good,” Suarez said. “We’re not satisfied with where we’re at, but we’re going to keep pounding them we’re going to come back and get Denver, we’re ready for the next game.”

He notes that they need to work on their defense more, despite holding Sumner-Fredericksburg to six points and that the offense also has room for improvement, despite him being the go-to target.

Suarez runs almost every play on offense and defense, but when he feels tired, he reminds himself of how important it is to help the team. It’s through football’s team aspect that makes him want to help people in the future.

“I want to be a dentist,” Suarez said. “I like helping people, I want to help them feel better about themselves when they smile.”

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