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Mac Skogen signing

Mac Skogen, second from right, signed a National Letter of Intent to play basketball next season at NIACC. With Mac are his mother Tracy, father Jeff and NIACC men’s basketball coach Mark Mohl.


MASON CITY — The Skogen family is heading back to a familiar place.

It was only three years ago that Sam Skogen was carving up defenses as one of NIACC’s go-to players on the men’s basketball team, and now his brother Mac will get the chance to do the very same thing.

On Friday, Mac Skogen, a senior at Mason City, made it official as he signed his National Letter of Intent to play basketball at NIACC next fall, following right in his brother’s footsteps.

“He was just really supportive throughout everything I’ve done in basketball and in every sport,” Skogen said of his brother, Sam. “He came here, I watched all his games here, watched a lot of NIACC games last year, too, and seeing how he competed at NIACC and hearing him talk about it, I think I can do it, too.”

Skogen played a big role in helping Mason City back to prominence this season. He averaged 9.5 points per game for the Mohawks, who finished 12-11, and added 82 rebounds, 38 assists and 33 steals.

What coach Mark Mohl is most excited about, though, is the toughness Skogen brings.

“It’s nice when kids come into our league and come into our program who have played football; we prefer that,” Mohl said. “This is not a league you can come into and not be tough. You have to be tough and have to be able to learn how to handle that.”

In having watched NIACC so much over the past few years, Skogen knows exactly what to expect when he gets on campus. He said that comfort was one of the driving factors in his decision.

“They’re fast and use a lot of guards,” Skogen said. “I think I can fit in with that because I’m a guard, can rebound and get dirty so I know Coach Mohl likes those tough guys.”


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