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Every show has its key moments. Moments that change the plot, or keep it going.

Those moments are what paint the picture and write the story.

Junior James Betz drove to the basket, shooting from just below the perimeter. When the ball bounced back, he soared through the air to catch its rebound, landing on two feet for a short pop through the basket.

That’s the kind of rebounding that gets you 32 points and 16 boards in a game, leading Garner-Hayfield-Ventura to an 81-54 win over Bishop Garrigan on Tuesday.

Betz was well on his way to a big night.

“I actually got rebounds. Rebounds is a big thing,” Betz said. “I’ve got to get more every game.”

And he had his competition in height from Garrigan’s side, a 6-foot-7 Angelo Winkel, who went on to score 26 points for the Golden Bears. But the post-up was just working.

“We’ve been out-rebounded one time this year and it was against Garrigan, so it was talked about for sure,” head coach Joe Albertson said. “The other kids had a good night as well, they maybe didn’t get the rebounds, but they got the perimeter cleared off for James to make that play.”

In the third quarter, Betz got creative. Junior Jared Graham shot a high-bullet pass towards the basket where Betz soared through the air to complete an alley-oop dunk just in front of the student section.

That was just for fun.

“We put that play in a few weeks ago as momentum play, gets the crowd going, gets everyone going everyone excited,” Graham said. “Coach said it was the perfect time to do it and it gave us a lot of energy to finish the game out.”

The next offensive play, Betz would face up against a defender, turn away in a half-spin move to pop in the fade-away basket.

But it wasn’t just Betz running the show. Senior Ryan Meyers kicked things off with a 3-pointer in the first and clocked in a buzzer-beating 3 for the half, racking up 17 points on the night.

Graham had his fast breaks, driving down court for an easy layup at full-speed, for which he pounded the wall-pad to stop himself. But his job was to set up the fast tempo, which ran the Golden Bears all over the court.

“Garrigan kind of slowed down because it’s a slow offense,” Graham said. “Our game plan going in we wanted to speed them up and kind of keep them out of their game.”

Garrigan would try to keep up. Sophomore John Joyce led the fast-break, but it was clumsy. The Golden Bears couldn’t convert, which resulted in turnovers and a return to the slower offense.

“In the scoresheet, you don’t see a lot of points from Graham, but this kid handles the ball 25 minutes a game and maybe has one turnover a game,” Albertson said. “He keeps the turnovers down and he knows how to find his guys.”

While the Cardinals dominated the floor in the first half, 43-27, they were still fearful that Garrigan would come back strong. That’s what happened last time, which ended in a 61-54 loss.

With this victory under their belts, GHV stays in the running for a conference title with a 14-3 overall record. Garrigan stands at 13-2. GHV, Garrigan and Forest City all have two conference losses.

“When we were talking at half, the guys were like, ‘Prepare for a run from Garrigan,’ but we kind of decided to put our own run ourselves and let them deal with that kind of problem,” Albertson said.


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