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Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz stands on the field during the team's spring game on April 21 in Iowa City.

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Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz has apologized for a halftime tirade in the press box at last week’s game against Minnesota and said there will be no repeat performance.

Ferentz issued a public apology on Wednesday following discussions about the incident with director of athletics Gary Barta, calling the language he used "inappropriate" and his behavior "wrong."

The Hawkeyes' first-year offensive coordinator, the son of Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, also said he has sent a letter of apology to the replay official who was at the center of Ferentz’s anger during a profanity-filled rant that followed a call on the field being overturned and ruled a fumble late in the first half of the 17-10 win over Minnesota.

The incident occurred as halftime started, when Ferentz joined other Iowa coaches in moving from the coaching booth to an elevator located about 30 yards away. The sixth-year Hawkeye assistant used plenty of colorful language at a high volume as he vented his displeasure with the call.

Ferentz met with Kirk Ferentz earlier in the week and sat down with Barta, his direct supervisor under university policy because of his family relationship with the head coach, on Tuesday afternoon.

“I want to apologize to the members of the media and the replay officials for my unprofessional behavior during halftime of the Minnesota game Saturday night. My language was inappropriate and behavior was wrong. There is no excuse for my actions," Ferentz said in a statement.

“I regret the negative attention this has brought to the program and the UI Athletic Department. I have sent a letter of apology to the replay official and have assured our head coach and athletic director I will hold myself to a higher level of professionalism."

Barta indicated he had discussed the situation with Kirk Ferentz and with Big Ten officials in addition to meeting with Brian Ferentz.

"We hold our administrative staff, coaches and student-athletes to a very high level of professionalism," Barta said. “I am confident Brian has a complete understanding that his behavior Saturday was unacceptable as a role model for our team and coaching staff and as a representative of the University of Iowa and that it cannot be repeated."

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