Just when you thought the present City Council (excluding John Lee, Paul Adams and also Mayor Schickel ) could not be anymore bizarre and disingenuous than usual they are.

As at Monday's meeting while discussing the G8/Gatehouse battle to anchor the River City Renaissance project.

G8 lost it's first vote but a do-over gave the project to a company that has failed this town time after time. In the process, last election results (clearly a mandate for Gatehouse) were ignored by slight of hand and mouth with heavy-handed condescension seldom witnessed.

Seventy-five percent of the voters supported the Gatehouse proposal. But that meeting shredded the mandate.

With that disgraceful action, jobs created by an extended Music Man Square, creative people doing creative things, will disappear. And the old City Council would have failed us once more.

But we are not second-class citizens. And we will not be treated as such. See you at the Dec. 28 meeting. We will be heard.

Douglas McElroy, Mason City


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