Thinking about the 20 children and six adult staff at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, my thoughts go to the radical, self-centered politicians who opt to show preference for the ridiculous distribution of automatic and semi-automatic pistols and rifles. Our forefathers would never expected such a twist in this ridiculous use of the original law. Money more valuable than young lives? Get real people! The loss of 58 lives in Las Vegas!

The next time we vote, think about the selfish politician whose attitude leads to the loss of so many. It's a sad Christmas for those who lost their babies and other family members due to ridiculous interpretations of the law!

"Not the time to talk about it." That was our president's comment after the Vegas shootings. Does he think we all just forget about it as he does?

We the people have the power to place leaders into our government who will help stop horrible slaughter of innocent people!

Joyce Mills, Mason City