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Fifty-six years ago, my family and I left sunny southern California and moved back to Mason City, my husband's hometown. A move we have never regretted. Mason City has been a great place to live and raise our three children.

On Nov. 7, we Mason City voters have a very important decision to make. Two years ago, our community was divided over the Prestage pork, and we cannot let that happen again.

The River City Renaissance project is just what we need to revitalize our downtown area.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority has faith in our community, and just recently gave its approval for the renovation project. That means $7.1 million, or possibly $10 million, for our Renaissance project. We don't want another Iowa town to get that money for their improvements, so we need to vote "yes" and "yes."

The project will not cost the Mason City residents any additional tax dollars. It's a win-win situation.

As a citizenry, we don't have the best track record for voter turnout, so let's change that for this referendum.

Remember, both ballot items must receive 60 percent favorable vote for the project to move forward.

So please, Mason City voters, vote yes and yes on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Let's continue to make Mason City a great place to live.

Colleen Dutcher, Mason City


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