The narcissistic personality occurs where a person has an inflated sense of their own importance and seeks to gain recognition of this from others. Other symptoms could be preoccupation with fantasies of power, success, intelligence and focus on self with little empathy for others. Behaving in an arrogant and entitled manner and seeking constant admiration, praise and approval, exaggeration of achievements and abilities are others.

Because the narcissistic personality has such focus on them, they have little time for considering the needs of others. In order to be successful, they must be better than others, which may make other people the enemy. Their lack of real concern for others also leads them to prodding and bullying people into making them feel good. When they find such compliant people they will make full, unfair and unkind use of them.

Count up the number of staffers Trump has trashed and fired. Either he made some huge errors in judgement or he couldn't have his way with them. His attitude may be characterized as 'you're either with me or against me'. Fired FBI director James Comey would come to mind here.

Narcissistic personalities are often successful in business, where their need for praise leads to hard work and success. Initially they may project a friendly and helpful image, but their true nature emerges later when there is blame (which they cannot take) and recognition (which they crave) being handed out. They make terrible managers (or presidents), stealing all the glory and blaming others for their own failures.

Narcissists are different from psychopaths, although there may be significant overlap. The psychopath values control while the narcissist seeks to inflate their sense of identity. I think it is obvious that Trump qualifies for both, and that scares me! He must go!

Steven Epperly, Mason City


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