How disgusting it was to watch on Tuesday the persons of the Congress stoke the little-boy emotional needs of Mr. Trump. This is not a middle class tax cut.

We saw increased tax breaks to those who have property investments. Wells Fargo, with their fraudulent dealings, will get an 18 percent tax boost.

Hedge fund managers will continue to get a financial windfall, which rewards wealth over work.

Health care was hit with a bomb, without any plan to strengthen health care for millions. Instead, millions of Americans will lose health care while many others will also see higher insurance rates.

Puerto Rico is given foreign status, which will increase its taxes by 12.5 percent.

And these Congress people don't even have the integrity to fund CHIP, children's health insurance.

Wake up people, congress is not working for us. They are now working for Trump and the swamp.

Lissa Holloway, Britt


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