Being a member of the high school student section, I believe that our side of the story needs to be heard ("Racism charge spoils game," Jan. 26).

The USA theme was just one of many that we have done throughout the season, as well as many others against various teams in our conference. No racism was intended, we did not chant "USA" or "Go back where you came from." There were no voices of the Storm Lake student section that chanted back at us, or of one of their players that received a technical foul for the words he spoke.

I feel that our support for our basketball players has definitely been twisted at least nine different ways. We had a theme that shows the colors of our country. The key dangling was directed at one student of the opposing team who reportedly stole a car; we did not chant anything racist.

I cannot speak for everyone, but I know that our student section as a whole would not chant something to be seen as racist. We have minorities in our school, even though we are majority Caucasian. We know how to act respectful and are not racist toward minorities in our own school and of the surrounding communities.

Morgan Roberts, Spencer