Bill Schickel was one of the first people I met when I and my family moved to Mason City 13 years ago. As I have gotten to know him, I have become convinced he is genuinely concerned about the future of Mason City and he will work tirelessly to improve life here. He is an experienced leader (at several government levels) who listens to those he represents and lets you know that he wants your thoughts about the challenges this city faces. He is dedicated to improving Mason City as a "hub" of better education, activities for all ages and a place we can all be proud to say we live here.

This summer as I watched the Twins play the Kansas City Royals, a Royals player hit a long, deep fly ball to center field. The crowd got loud but the announcer - Torii Hunter - said to the audience "Relax folks, we've got a man out there. He's got this one!" That's how I feel about Bill Schickel being Mayor of Mason City!

If you are still "on the fence" for Mason City mayor, do yourself a favor, sit down and talk to him about your concerns. I think you will become convinced, as I am, that he will make the best choice for the future of Mason City.

Hal Pohlman, Mason City