We have lost leadership in our politics today. A majority of our politicians are so caught up on basically tearing each other apart and pushing the negativity and divisiveness agenda, leading and bringing people together is the last thing on their agenda. But not all candidates are like that.

While most of them flourish on the idea of divide and conquer, other candidates decided to take their campaign back to the old school and focus more on issues rather than personal attacks. Instead of trying to conquer, they are trying to lead. Instead of dividing, they are bringing people together. Instead of running negative ads, they are running positive campaign, and one of these candidates is our own Bill Schickel.

As a general manager of KCMR radio, a former Iowa State representative for the 13th district for three terms, former Mayor of Mason City for three terms and as a current city councilman, Bill understand what serving people means. His experience as a public servant speaks for itself, he is a steady leader, and he is a man of integrity. You can see that from how he runs his campaign with positivity. As a mayor, Bill will be able to bring people together for the greater good of our community, he has track record and he has proven over and over again that he can and will deliver on his promises. His passion to serve the people of Mason City never wavers. Bill will help to move our community forward to the positive direction.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "America will never be destroyed from outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Let’s not destroy ourselves. Come together as community and build this community together. Support and stand with Bill Schickel on Nov 7.

Erick Nganyange, Mason City


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