The citizens of Mason City are asked to decide on two issues regarding the Renaissance Project. Let’s look at the proposals, the first proposal being the lease agreement with the mall, and the second the bonding of funds for the project.

Reasons to vote no:

• The construction of these projects will make a mess in the downtown.

• Someone else will own the building housing the arena.

• The city will be in debt!

• Our taxes will go up!

Reasons to vote yes:

• There will be no tax increase due to the project.

• With the mall owning the arena, property taxes go to the city to retire the city’s debt.

• The arena will be a better venue for hockey and events.

• The projects will bring economic benefits to all of North Iowa.

• The state will invest $7 million to $10 million in our community (if we don’t get it, someone else will).

• The Music Man Square will have a large ballroom to host large events. Along with a new museum for the Willson exhibits.

• The new hotel will provide rooms for the larger events, bringing more visitors to our community (who spend an average of $100-plus per day!).

• The performing arts pavilion will provide an exciting venue (both inside and out) in the heart of our downtown.

It was just 10 years ago that Mason City approved at $7.6 million bond issue to renovate the Library and to insure Vision Iowa funding. Look around downtown. You will see what that positive vote has meant for our community. A renovated library, The Historic Park Inn Hotel, The architectural interpretative center, and the dynamic streetscape are a result of that vote.

Let’s continue to invest in Mason City. Please join me in voting yes on Nov. 7.

Jean Marinos, Mason City


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