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Polystyrene, or as most know it as Styrofoam, is terrible for wildlife. The trash from it ends up in waterways and lakes, seriously harming birds and fish by disrupting their natural ecology and killing them. There have already been over 200 cities and communities across the country who have banned plastic foam. Large companies like McDonalds and Starbucks have started phasing out containers made with polystyrene.

With the state’s projected population boom, Mason City and the surrounding areas will be scrutinized by potential homeowners, businesses, employees, and even vacationers. Northern Iowa’s unique mix of plains, wetlands, lakes, and creeks has the potential to steal the hearts of these newcomers. By banning the use of single-use polystyrene, Iowa’s landscape can remain in pristine condition, making this area more desirable.

Iowa would be the first state to put a ban on polystyrene. In the past, the chemical industry has successfully funded opposition on efforts like this. With support from the citizens of this state, Iowa can set a nationwide standard for ridding our land of unnecessary and costly pollution.

Christina Hickman, Urbandale


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