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My husband and I have lived in Mason City for 38 years, and in those years, it has been a disappointment to see the population of the city gradually decline. If we want to reverse this trend, Mason City must provide the amenities that attract families, young professionals, and potential long-term residents.

We all need to admit that this is a true concern. We need to do everything possible to attract people to our community and give them a reason to make this city their home.

As a native of Dubuque, I have seen firsthand how a multi-purpose/ice arena downtown can bring economic vitality and life to a community.

It can happen here, too!

The River City Renaissance Project is crucial not only to save our downtown but to revitalize the entire Mason City business community.

I feel that the future of Mason City is dependent on our approval of this project.

Please join me in voting YES and YES.

Mary Beth Polking, Mason City


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